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Any guitar or bass can be gilded. This includes bodies, necks, fingerboards and headstock faces and backs. 

A gilded finish can be applied over an existing finish or on an unfinished ‘natural’ wood body/neck. Extra seal-coat finishing cost will be added for raw wood bodies/neck. Total cost will be determined after assessing your request.


Disassembling your bass or guitar to be gilded/finished is advised to save money. I can do it but will charge extra for dissembling and reassembling. Best to send a body and neck separately/not attached if both are to be gilded. Turnaround time will depend on the extent of the gilded finish on my end and Pat Wilkins/Marty Bell's turnaround schedule for final finishing. A bit of a wait but the result will be showroom quality. 


My custom basses are designed and hand-built instruments that are unique one-offs. I use only quality components/parts that are new or re-sourced iconic vintage. If these basses don't feel great, balance well, sound great or look great - I don't offer them for sale. Basses with my custom necks are made to my specs by master luthier Dan Ransom SF and are PleK'd. These instruments are made to be played for your personal satisfaction or performing as a touring pro. You can find a number of my custom basses for sale on eBay and Reverb. 


Send pics of your guitar or bass and a description of what you would like to have happen to help me understand your finish wishes. Once I see what you are after I will provide you with many leaf options within each category of gilding; gold leaf (many varieties), silver leaf, copper leaf, and various variegated leafs. Reference examples (pics of related things you like) are also helpful to narrow your finish request so I can be successful in executing your dream finish.


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